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IFAST Welcomes New Industry Specification Clarifying SID Responsibilities



Washington DC (July 26, 2015) – IFAST, with its responsibilities for many areas of wireless industry identifier management, welcomes the publication of 3GPP2 X.R0070-0 v1.0 (“International Implementation of Wireless Telecommunication Systems Compliant with X.S0004”), which clarifies responsibilities for SID management.


The SID (System ID) is important for inter-carrier wireless billing in both CDMA and GSM systems, including LTE. All CDMA systems also use a subset of the complete SID code range to identify different geographical areas within their network coverage.


X.R0070 clarifies that IFAST is responsible for the assignment and management of SID codes in the CDMA transmissible range, 0-32767, and that Cibernet is responsible for assignment of codes in the remainder (non-transmissible portion) of the range.


According to Syed Hosain, IFAST Chairman, “IFAST’s SID responsibilities have grown since 1998, when international SID administration was first transferred from the TIA. IFAST responsibilities grew as it provided more and more national and international SID administration services.” According to the FCC, United States cellular licensees “must contact the SID Administrators to: request a new SID code assignment; retire a SID that is no longer in use; update information associated with an existing SID.” Since the end of 2014 IFAST has been the only FCC-recognized SID administrator.



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Further information:

3GPP2 X.R0070-0 v1.0 can be obtained at: http://www.3gpp2.org/Public_html/specs/X%20R0070-0v1.0_20150625.pdf


FCC SID Information can be found at: https://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/cellular-system-identification-number-sid-administrators