The IFAST, Ltd. By-Laws written and adopted in February, 2005 define the requirements for general membership.  The IFAST Board of Directors encourages all those organizations interested in actively supporting IFAST to apply for general membership.

1. General Member: Any company, organization, individual or government/regulator expressing an interest in the mission and purpose of IFAST, may apply to become a general member. Corporations, agencies, or organizations shall assign a single representative to attend meetings and conduct business with IFAST on their behalf. Additional representatives may attend but will not receive the membership privileges as listed below. Applications are required and necessary to ensure the general membership population remains well balanced in interests and purpose. Applications will be reviewed for approval by the Board of Directors. Applications may be submitted at anytime.  If you are interested in applying to be an IFAST member, please download an application here.

2. Membership Requirements: The company, organization, government/regulator or individual applying may represent a corporate, governmental, or single party interest. Companies, organizations and government/regulators may have multiple members however, only one may be designated as the voting member.  Government/regulators are not entitled to a vote. To remain in active status, a member must be current in dues.

3. Membership Restrictions: An organization that holds IFAST numbering resources (currently IRM and SID) can only hold a Paid IRM/SID assignee membership, and not a Corporate, Individual or Government/Regulator membership. Membership privileges are suspended if IFAST numbering fees are past due.

4. Privileges:  

  • Present motions to the chair and address members during general meetings.  

  • May participate in general meeting discussions, present contributions, positions and recommendations. 

  • Cast a vote should one be called by the chair and participate in consensus. 

  • Exempt from paying meeting fees.

5. Membership Fees and Dues: The type of fees and dues, including discounts and exemptions are defined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, although not less than a quorum. Members of the Board of Directors are exempt from fees and dues except those so designated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, although not less than a quorum.  Initiation fees and annual dues are required to maintain the status of General Membership.  Corporate discounts are available for companies and organizations that maintain an IRM(S) from IFAST. Corporate memberships may include multiple members from the same company or organization as long as only one member is declared the voting member during an IFAST general meeting. Members of the Board of Directors are exempt from the obligation of paying membership fees and dues. Below is the current schedule of fees.  

Membership Type

Annual Fee

Voting Status

Paid IRM assignee *



Paid SID assignee *



Corporate Member



Individual Member






Single Meeting Participant



Invited Guest



Please download an application form here

When a third party pays IRM fees, it is the organizations that use the IRM codes, not the organization that pays the fees, that is the member.



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