ESN, MEID and EUIMID Calculator

Enter one or more ESN (Electronic Serial Number), UIMID (R-UIM Identifier), MEID or ICCID codes in decimal or hexadecimal format, with or without the check digit. Note that the ICCID does not have a hexadecimal format and the ESN and UIMID do not have a check digit. The IMEI is an all-decimal MEID and the expanded UIMID (EUIMID) can be either of the MEID format (SF_EUIMID) or ICCID format (LF_EUIMID).

ESN and UIMID are valid in an 8 digit hexadecimal or 11 digit decimal format. MEID, SF_EUIMID and IMEI are valid in a 14 digit hexadecimal format or an 18 digit decimal format (with possibly an additional check digit). ICCID and LF_EUIMID are valid in an 18 digit format possibly with an additional check digit and a final filler ('F') digit.


Version 1.8: April, 2018