18. IFAST Journal


The IFAST JOURNAL is a free electronic newsletter published by ATIS for IFAST.  The Journal is designed to provide IFAST members and interested parties with the opportunity to report on issues relating to the implementation or interoperability of ANSI-41 systems. To subscribe to the IFAST Journal, please contact the IFAST Coordinator (ifastsec@telecomxchange.com)


Date & Number Document Content
Mar/04/2003 Vol.2 No.1 Mar 2003 IFAST Journal
  • Seamless Emergency Service for International and Domestic Roamers
  • Global Translation Title Routing
  • SID Resource Management
Aug/15/2002   Vol.1 No. 1 Aug 2002 IFAST Journal
  • IRM Use: Past, Present and Future
  • TLDN Interchange for International Roaming
  • An Introduction to IFAST International Roaming Guide
  • International Availability of ANSI SS7 Point Codes