Known SID Conflicts

SID conflicts are generally resolved by mutual agreements between carriers or SID assignment authorities. Generally, if a conflicting SID has not been allocated by the country to which it is assigned, it will be removed from the assignment list until the conflict is resolved.

In the following table, bold is used to indicate SID conflicts for which information or status has changed within the last 6 months.

SID Range Country/Carrier Using SID Country/Carrier Allocated SID
United States of America
00013 Hong Kong (Hutchison Telecom)United States of America—Cingular (Washington/Baltimore)
00111 Nigeria (Bourdex Telecom)United States of America
00136 Netherlands Antilles (St. Maarten Boatphone)United States of America—Cingular (Jacksonville, FL)
00211 Nigeria (Bourdex Telecom)United States of America
00311 Nigeria (Bourdex Telecom)United States of America
00700 Cayman Islands (Cable and Wireless)United States of America
00741 Ecuador (Conecel)United States of America
01111 South Korea (AMPS system)United States of America
01235 Philippines (Piltel)United States of America—US Cellular (Mitchel, IA)
01525 Mexico (IUSACEL, Mexico City)United States of America
01700 South Korea (Shinsegi Telecom)United States of America—(withheld by US Cellular)
01901 Russia (Vimpelcom)United States of America
04100 Movilnet/VenezuelaUnited States of America
04101 Movilnet/VenezuelaUnited States of America—AT&T Wireless (Atlanta)
04110 Movilnet/VenezuelaUnited States of America
04120 Movilnet/VenezuelaUnited States of America—Sprint PCS (Dallas)
04130 Movilnet/VenezuelaUnited States of America
04140 Movilnet/VenezuelaUnited States of America
04150 Movilnet/VenezuelaUnited States of America
04369 Republic of KoreaUnited States of America
04370 Republic of KoreaUnited States of America
04371 Republic of KoreaUnited States of America
05732 BellSouth Eastern Colombia RegionUnited States of America
05734 BellSouth San Andres Island (Colombia)United States of America
05772 BellSouth Northern Colombia RegionUnited States of America
06190 British Virgin IslandsUnited States of America
08002 GrenadaSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
08010 Saint Lucia (Saint Lucia Boatphone)
08166 Saint KittsBarbados
08198 Bermuda (Bermuda Telephone Co.)Thailand
10817 Indosat (Mobile Satellite Carrier)St. Pierre and Miquelon
12461 Bangladesh (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.) - DhakaJapan
12463 Bangladesh (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.) - ChittagongJapan
12464 Bangladesh (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.) - SylhetJapan
12561 SingTel Mobile, SingaporeJapan
12978 SETAR - ArubaJapan
26883 IUSACELL (formerly Portatel)CIBERNET BIDs
32752 Bahamas (Bahamas Telecom)Honduras

Last Update: 2/3/2005