10 October 2000


From: Fred Gaechter, IFAST Chairman

To: IFAST Members

Re: Results of IFAST14 Meeting and Announcement of IFAST15 Meeting


As you are aware, IFAST14 was held in Lima, Peru last week, hosted in a spectacular manner by Telefonica de Peru (thank you Carlos Zamora!). The meeting resolved several significant issues presented by IFAST members, reached numerous additional agreements, created numerous new action items, developed a new list of 10 IFAST Study Projects, and scheduled the IFAST15 meeting. Those that attended this meeting participated in a lively and constructive discussion of all the agenda items, (thanks to all participants!). The attached files contain the Agreements Reached, Action Items, and Study Projects. The contents of these files attest to the current productivity of and future potential for IFAST.


The IFAST15 meeting is tentatively scheduled for 24-25 January 200. It is being planned for the Tampa Bay, Florida USA region and will be hosted by GTE TSI. I look forward to another highly productive meeting and to your attendance and participation.


Best Regards,