IFAST14: 4-5 October 2000


Current List of IFAST Study Projects

The following list contains all the currently approved IFAST Study Projects. Each listed Study Project contains a title and the name of its mentor. In some instances, an outline of the Project’s Work Plan is also provided.



Project 1: International TLDN – Ricardo Gomez



Project 2: IMSI Implementation, Backward Compatibility, and MIN-based IMSI versus True IMSI– Lloyd Johnson



Project 3: Uniform Dialing Plan, Support of Supplemental Services, and Future Feature Code Standardization – Fred Gaechter



Project 4: WIN-based Services – Ken Hammer



Project 5: International Roaming Guide (IRG) – Fred Gaechter



Project 6: Billing Related to International Roaming – Jamie Leyerle


Project 7: SS7-Related Issues - Ken Hammer



Project 8: Optimal Routing – David Crowe


Project 9: Roaming Agreement Modeling – Oscar Pena


Project 10: ANI Compatibility – Ricardo Gomez, Bernardo Martinez