IFAST 17 Meeting

23-24 October, 2001

Washington D.C., USA





IFAST17/ 2 Agenda
IFAST17/ 2 Agreements and Action Items from IFAST16
IFAST17/ 11

IRG Release 1.0

IFAST17/ 9 IS-41 Services
IFAST17/ 9 IS-41 Features
IFAST17/ 11 Proposed Revision to International Roaming Guide
IFAST17/ 5 TLDN Conflict ppt
IFAST17/ 3

IRM Fee Update

IFAST17/ 3 IRM Administrator's Report
IFAST17/ 4 SID Administrator's Report
IFAST17/ 14 TR45 Liaison to IFAST 17 meeting
IFAST17/ 6 Uniformity Survey
IFAST17/ 13 XTR Response from TR46
IFAST17/ 13 XTR Response from GGRF
IFAST17/ 10 T1S1.3 Meeting Update
IFAST17/ 1 Web Site Update
IFAST17/ 16 Billing Related to International Roaming
IFAST17/ Roster
IFAST17/ 2 Agreements & Action Items from IFAST 17
IFAST17/ 6 IFAST Chairman memo on International Roaming Survey
IFAST17/ 6 Wireless Uniformity Survey
IFAST17/ 1 IFAST Schedule
IFAST17/ 11

International Roaming Guide. Release 1.0

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IFAST17/ 10 Availability of ANSI SS7 Point Codes for Conditional Assignment