IFAST 23 Meeting

Atlanta, GA, USA

March 24-25, 2004





IFAST23/04.03.24/01 02 Draft Agenda Updated
IFAST23/04.03.24/02 03 Modifications to IRM Guidelines
IFAST23/04.03.24/03 04 SID Seminar Updated
IFAST23/04.03.24/04 03 Report on NANP D Digit Release
IFAST23/04.03.24/05 03 IRM Expansion
IFAST23/04.03.24/06 03 IRM Report
IFAST23/04.03.24/07 14 3GPP2 Liaison
IFAST23/04.03.24/08 03 Modifications to IRM Guidelines
IFAST23/04.03.24/09 04 SID Report
IFAST23/04.03.24/10 14 MEID Standards Update
IFAST23/04.03.24/11 03 MBI Presentation
IFAST23/04.03.24/12 03 IRM Assignment Guidelines and Procedures V5.1