IRM Application and Payment Form

This form is for an IRM assignment application and for payment of application and maintenance fees. The application will not be processed until payment of the application and first year maintenance fees are provided. You should include a copy of this page with your payment.

UPDATE: The following was agreed in the IFAST 15 meeting: 

Once an IRM is categorized as OWING, there are six-months until a reclamation would occur. At five months, a letter would be sent that they have 30 days for payment until a reclamation is made. Following the reclamation, the six-month dormant period applies, after which the IRM is re-assignable. This information will be reflected on the website.


This version of the IRM application form is designed for manual submission of IRM payments. Future versions of this form may offer online payment as an option, and may provide for automatic calculation of the total amount owing.

Application Instructions

This form provides a convenient method of providing IFAST with the information needed to process your IRM application. Simply enter the data and print out the form for submission to IFAST (c/o ATIS). At some time in the future we will allow for online payment, but for now IRM applications can be mailed or faxed.

Billing and Payment

Completed applications complete with check (made payable to “TelecomXchange International”) or credit card information can be mailed or faxed (credit card payments only) to:


IFAST Secretariat c/o

TelecomXchange International (TXI)

4410 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 228

Washington, DC 20016

Phone: +1-410-340-7892





Technical Questions on IRM Codes and Applications

Technical questions regarding the IRM resource can be directed to:

Mr. David Crowe
Cellular Networking Perspectives Ltd.
2636 Toronto Cresc. NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 3W1, Canada
Phone: +1-403-289-6609
Fax: +1-403-289-6658


IRM Application & Payment Form