IFAST 19 Meeting

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

6-7 June 2002





IFAST19/02.06.06/01 02 Agenda 
IFAST19/02.06.06/02 03 IRM Administrator's Report
IFAST19/02.06.06/03 04 SID Administrator's Report
IFAST19/02.06.06/04 14 3GPP2-TR45 Liaison to IFAST19 Meeting
IFAST19/02.06.06/05 03 FCC report on Callback Numbers
IFAST19/02.06.06/06 03 Callback Presentation
IFAST19/02.06.06/07 15 Draft letter on IMSI implementation problems
IFAST19/02.06.06/08 01 ATIS Copyright Presentation
IFAST19/02.06.06/09 03 FCC 01-120 from Rogers Wireless
IFAST19/02.06.06/10 03 ESIF letter to the FCC re: Callback
IFAST19/02.06.06/11 01 IFAST Budget
IFAST19/02.06.06/12 13 GGRF Liaison Report
IFAST19/02.06.06/13 02 Agreements and Action Items from IFAST18
IFAST19/02.06.06/14 ANATEL Letter
IFAST19/02.06.06/15 03 Revised IRM Assignment Guidelines (In Force)
IFAST19/02.06.06/16 02 Attendance Roster
IFAST19/02.06.06/17 01 Web Site Presentation
IFAST19/02.06.06/18 14 UIM ID Letter
IFAST19/02.06.06/19 02 Agreements & Action Items from IFAST19